We’re not like most designers. We know a pretty brand and website will only get you so far. But a strategic, customer-focused brand and website will make you more money. We design brands and websites with strategy AND beauty that actually move the needle in your business. 

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From E-Commerce, to course-creators, we help founders of all types grow their business online.

Online Business Owners

Your mission is to transform people’s lives. We’ll help you attract your ideal people. 

Coaches and Consultants

The wedding industry is one of our specialties. We work with wedding pros from photographers to DJs.

Wedding Pros

We’ll handle your online presence so you can spend your time sharing your unique gifts with the world. 

Service Providers

We work with business owners who are truly passionate about serving their customers.

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“Shelby is a rockstar. Her design work speaks for itself but it’s her expertise that makes all the difference. We’ve been working together for 4 months now and been blown away with the results. She helped us get organized with our branding, messaging, and social.”

- Torie Gamez, President of Sound By Design

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Learn more about branding

Your brand is not only the look and feel of your business, it’s also what influences your customers to trust and buy from you. We’ll design a brand that represents your company, resonates with your customers, and stands the test of time.

Branding Design

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We design websites that are beautiful, easy to navigate, and infused with sales strategy. The result is a website that works FOR you and actually moves the needle in your business.

Website Design

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Our design capabilities are vast. We can create designs including social media graphics, packaging design, email marketing campaigns, brochures, and much more.

Custom Design

“Our new website is fantastic and flows so much nicer than our previous site! People love the design and with the new features, it has become a better sales tool than the original.”

- Josh Erickson, Director of Events at Hackbarth Hospitality Group

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We call ourselves a boutique design agency because our core team is small. However, our team is scaleable to our clients needs. We will happily bring on specialist team members for specific projects such as Gmail set-up, custom illustration, or advanced SEO optimization.

Our Team Is Scaleable 

We are here to guide you through this process. You teach us about your business and your customers. We take those insights, add a dash of marketing strategy, and together we create a thoughtful brand and an effective website that brings your company lasting success.

We Are A Collaborative Partner

We believe that business, design, and marketing are not separate things, but instead one interwoven system. One cannot be touched without affecting the other. Therefore, we design brands and websites that align with your longterm business and marketing goals.

Our Holistic Approach

The first step when working with us is always a brand clarity session. In this session, we learn about you, your business currently, and that dreamy vision of where you want it to go. This session gives you the space to look objectively at your business and own that CEO role! 

Strategy Is Always First

What Makes
Us Different

Help business owners thrive in the life and business of their dreams 

Our mission is to

In 2014, I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design & Communications.

Currently I am the founder and creative director at Shelby Design Co. I believe that everyone deserves to do work that they love. I use my creativity to help business owners improve clarity, growth, and overall profit so they can thrive in the life and business of their dreams. 

I am fascinated by the place where design, marketing, and storytelling meet. My superpower is being able to seamlessly combine these three elements in an effective and powerful way through clear messaging, easy to navigate websites, and beautiful branding.

Outside of work, my husband Zak and I are currently renovating a duplex in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Some of my favorite things are traveling in our cargo trailer turned RV, eating dairy-free sweets, hiking, biking, kayaking, and just about any other outdoor activity ending in ‘ing’.

CEO and creative director of Shelby Design co

Hey, I’m Shelby!

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Strategic brands and websites for service providers.






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